Unique Limited Edition Drawings of the Internal Martial Arts Masters


From original highly detailed drawings by renowned Thai artist Threemakee, designed by Alex Kozma, each drawing has a limited edition run of 100 large size prints, numbered on back. £20 each plus post and packing in strong card tube. Enquire for amount to your location. (some prints are down to the last 10 or 20, please enquire for availability). FREE POSTAGE FOR 2 OR MORE PRINTS !

The photos below show the size of the drawings framed, they make a great addition to training rooms or a gift for your teacher.





Gao style Baguazhang - Masters Gao Yi Sheng with cane,  Zhang Junfeng, Hong I Xiang, Luo De Xiu

      The Baguaquan Masters of Old - Zhang Zao Dong,

    Dong Hai Chuan, Spectacles Cheng Ting Hua, Yin Fu.

  Satria Arts - the Traditional Pentjak Silat of Guru Ma and Pendekar Steven Benitez

   Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng of Ziranmen Natural Boxing System

              Baguaquan Master He Jing Han with Single Change Palm and Circle Walking

   Grandmaster Gong Bao Shan and Master He Jing Han with the

Eight Mother Palms ( Ba Mu Zhang) of Baguaquan, each one with the relevant trigram relating to the particular quality and force of that palm.