Beyond the Mysterious Gate

A Quest for the Hidden Keys of the Asian Fighting Arts



This is the unique account of the author's many years of study, since childhood, with some of the greatest Masters of the Asian fighting arts including Serge Augier (the Urban Daoist), Chen Yuen San (inheritor of Kun Lun Pai Daoism and expert in old fighting style Taijiquan), He Jing Han (lineage holder of Yin Fu branch Baguaquan), Steven Benitez (Pendekar of traditional Indonesian Pentjak Silat) and other experts. The author also takes us on a journey through the sacred mountains of China and the Himalayas meeting monks, immortals and mystics. The last section of the book is an in-depth, detailed teaching of a wide range of practices from Xingyiquan, Baguaquan, Taijiquan and other internal fighting arts.


Beyond the Mysterious Gate - A Quest for the Inner Keys of the Asian Fighting Arts (reprinted limited edition 2015) by Alex Kozma

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Warrior Guards the Mountain


The Internal Martial Traditions of China, Japan and South East Asia

Alex Kozma


Inspired by the author's personal training experiences, this book presents an intimate exploration of the philosophy of some of the rarest martial art forms. Encompassing the arts of China, Japan and India/South East Asia, it includes in-depth conversations with esteemed Masters such as Dr Serge Augier and Master He Jing Han. (Published by Singing Dragon Books).