Chu Ka Kung Fu - An Home Study Course


Chu Ka Kung Fu is a highly effective Hakka fighting system developed for the underground secret society to rebel against the Ching Dynasty (Manchurian Dynasty). The system emphasises close quarter combat so that even small sized people or women can deal with a very strong and big opponent through vital point striking, neutralizing, sticking, deflecting and agility in positioning. This system was actually very effective in the close quarter combat missions of the Ching Dynasty rebels. Since this system was used by the Ching rebels, the system was not passed down to the public, and this has resulted in there being a limited number of practitioners even up to the present day.


Master Choe has deeply researched how the older generation of Chu Ka experts practiced the art, as well as testing his skills against experts from other systems, and in his teaching seeks to convey the essence of the art in a practical and clear manner. As an engineer he has a very pragmatic approach to the art, and through continuous practice has developed a high degree of internal shock power and refined fighting skill using the phoenix eye fist method.


The Online Training Course consists of 12 Stages - Foundation Stage 1-4, Intermediate Stage 1-4 and Advanced Stage 1-4.  Each Stage may take from several months or longer depending on the student's progress, there is plenty of chance to send videos of your training to our private Facebook page for feedback from Master Choe.


Each Stage is £25 , at Foundation Stage level 1 there is paperback book detailing the system of Chu Ka sent out to each student (enquire for airmail postage costs).