Reviews for the Books of Alex Kozma


'Warrior Guards the Mountain is a wonderful book and destined to become a classic reference for anyone interested in the lineages and practices of any of the internal martial traditions of Asia. Not only does it cast a wide net, it brings back some very big fish. Another thing that impressed me about this book was the consistent focus in the lives of these masters and their traditions on the importance of the spiritual core around which everything turns. This book is a rare and hard-won gift that I would recommend to anyone traveling the path that has no name.'


- Red Pine/Bill Porter, author of Road to Heaven - Encounters with Chinese Hermits and Zen Baggage

'This book is very interesting, it presents the subject of Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Silat, in a very accessible way, which, even if one is not a martial artist, like myself, makes the subject very interesting, and simple. The descriptions by Alex, of his own experiences, and those of his teachers, make fascinating reading, and made me feel some regret that I had not spent a number of years of my life studying and practising the arts... It's a great read, I highly recommend it.'
- Nik Turner, singer/songwriter and founder member of group Hawkwind.



'Personally, I found all the stories quite inspirational. Reading them will surely fire up your own motivation to train and learn more or to start training if you are not already involved. Alex has a style of writing which brings these masters to life and you wish that you could meet them yourself. I have no hesitation in recommending this book.'

'Regardless of what discipline one might favour in one's own life, each of these practitioners provides plenty of food for thought. I know that will return to this book again and again. Highly recommended.'
- Ancient Future blog